The Defence Systems Division Single 25mm KBA is a stabilized, electric servo-drive assisted naval gun, available in the unmanned or manned configuration.  
It is suitable for easy installation, with no deck penetration, as primary weapon on small size vessels and, as secondary weapon, on larger ships, with the role to neutralize targets in the Anti Surface Warfare, particularly in a Asymmetric Warfare and in Mine Defence  Scenarios.

The high rate of fire of the 25mm KBA cannon provides capabilities also in very close Anti Air Defense.

Weapon control is specifically featured in order to allow the gunner to remain steady at any barrel elevation, laying the gun with the maximum accuracy even against targets at maximum elevation, always according to a very easy and comfortable way of operation.

Servo-drives are operated through an ergonomic gun control handgrip.

The gun, in both unmanned and manned configurations, is accurately stabilized both in training and in elevation; the engagement of any type of target results to be extremely effective.

The sight support mechanism allows the gunner to operate on a suitable seat, keeping the sight at an adjustable eye level.

A conventional aiming system is fitted to the mount, but also an IR sight with integrated ballistic reticule is available.

Rechargeable batteries allow  independent operation from ship power supply for half an hour in a standard operational cycle and, additionally, the gun can be fully controlled manually.

The integrated automatic cannon is Oerlikon  25 mm KBA, firing full caliber HE-T (High Explosive), TP-T (Training Pratice) and subcaliber FASPS (Frangible Armour Piercing Discarding Sabot) for  extended range operations.

Technical specifications