Pintle Mount

Pintle Mount

We developed this system for the NH90 Utility & Naval type helicopters, on which it can be installed on one or both cargo doors.

The Heliborne 7,62mm Pintle Mount can be easily fitted to other types of helicopters thanks to its innovative and lightweight design, featuring an extensive use of composite materials in order to save weight.

The Heliborne 7,62mm Pintle Mount has a unique stow position which greatly reduces the encumbrance in the cargo doors area.

A buffer battery is standard equipment to  allow shooting a full ammo box (4.400 rounds) without power supply available from the helicopter.

We have chosen the well known and combat proven 7,62mm Dillon M134D Gatling gun, 3.000rounds/min., as the best possible choice to equip the Heliborne 7,62mm Pintle Mount System for self defence and fire suppression for Tactical Transport Helicopters (TTH).

Technical specifications