Integrated Logistic Support

Integrated Logistic Support

Our Logistic Business Line is an organization composed of highly skilled personnel in the various fields of ILS, so as to ensure the concurrent design of the Support System with the Primary System and its effective management throughout the system’s entire life span, from early design to disposal.

This coordinated and integrated effort ranges from RAM/T/Studies to LSA-LSAR development, all supported by software tools based on the most common military standards.


Studies include predictions, FMECA, safety analyses and maintenance tasks identification/analysis through consolidated techniques such as Reliability Centred Maintenance.
Logistic support information and data are stored in a Logistic Support Analysis relational database, thus enabling extreme flexibility in producing logistic data that fit the Customer’s requirement and mission profiles, and the capability to reconfigure data along with configuration changes.


The support system design is the platform for other ILS processes, all supported by the Logistic Business Line structure, such as:

  • Program Management
  • Contract Management
  • Field engineering
  • Support Engineering that can be remotely supported by means of web-based customer-dedicated secure areas.


Technical publications, both standard and S1000D based.