Leonardo between invention and STEAM
Leonardo took part in the National Geographic Festival of Sciences for the second year as an Educational Partner
Italy’s National Fire Corps receives first two AW139 helicopters, the backbone of the Country’s rescue and emergency response services
The helicopters will carry out search and medical rescue, firefighting and disaster relief with enhanced operational effectiveness from all national bases
The first AW139 of the National Fire Corps is now entering service
Polish Ministry of National Defence signs 400 mln PLN (90 mln EUR) Offset Agreement for AW101 helicopters
The Offset Agreement, signed by Leonardo MW Ltd, provides for establishing critical in-country maintenance capabilities and precedes a contract for the supply of AW101 military helicopters
The Offset Programme fully meets the stringent requirements of the Polish MoD, confirming Leonardo’s commitment to a solid and long-term cooperation with the Polish Armed Forces and Polish industry.
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Sustainable growth
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