All the complex systems and equipment that support and control the different key infrastructures of Leonardo’s society are given flexibility, intelligence and security through software.

Software engineering is therefore essential for the creation of competitive advantage, as it develops knowledge and skills that allow for the design and production of everything from combat systems to Software Radio waveform management, civilian and military cyber security, flight control systems and radar systems for land, naval, airborne and space applications and interplanetary exploration. Our software engineering offers principles, techniques, skills, methods, tools and metrics that produce efficient and effective high quality and reliable software systems (for safety, security, privacy, resilience and performance) and at the same time fulfils the highest user expectations, whether for private, public or military applications.

As the traditional split between Software and Hardware is disappearing, along with traditionally Hardware-intensive vertical business models, an industry transition is underway toward increasingly software-driven innovation and development. Software, therefore, is definitely a key factor of the new Leonardo, because it allows us to innovate and grow more rapidly.