Managed Services


We provide a variety of Managed Services to deliver mission requirements or to provide turnkey type solutions where a full service encompasses the totality of a programme.  We acquire, manage and operate assets to provide a service of non-core activities for military and civil organizations as a pay-per-use service with no hidden costs and risks.


Aerial Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR)


We provide our own fleet of manned and unmanned systems to complete are range of missions including:

• Intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance ( ISTAR)

• Persistent surveillance

• Surveillance data gathering

• Environmental Protection Service.                 

The service are tailored to the Customer operational requirements and span from simple image acquisition to complex high-value information provisioning, data exploitation & dissemination.

We provide and operate tactical ground control centre for unmanned systems specifically designed to meet a variety of evolving mission requirements.


Aerial Targeting Service


With more than five decadesof experience, Leonardo has proven to be an outstanding contractor in the provision of high value, cost effective Aerial Target System full services solutions, using and operating a proprietary fleet of Mirach aerial targeting systems.

The MIRACH 100/5 and MIRACH 40 are available worldwide to train and qualify a wide variety of weapon systems, combining reliability and cost effectiveness to make it the best target drone system on the market.

Our Aerial Targeting Systems integrate all ancillary payload equipment, to ensure realistic end-user threat representation over land & sea.

Based on our customer requirements, our Aerial Targeting Systems have been successfully operated by our customers in a wide range of complex threat simulation scenarios, including navy ships, desert, unprepared and artic ranges.


Commercial Services


Sensor based services provide data, information and knowledge to enable effective, timely decision making that will aide the user in adding value to their enterprise, such as through increased output, cost avoidance and risk reduction.

Leonardo is exploring a range of medical services to utilise sensors and technology expertise applicable into new markets, such as supporting National interests in public health development, detection of the source of infection, and strengthening approaches to aspects of health and well-being.

In other commercial sectors, sensor data processing techniques are applied to analysing plant stress such that improved soil enrichment can be advised to achieve higher crop yield.


Commodity Management


Commodities extend from items on individual or multiple platform or equipment types, through to items that are used in the Support and Services infrastructure, out with the specific front line platforms.

We manage many thousands of stock numbers that are tracked and monitored to meet spares requirements based on changes to demand patterns and platform usage.

We complete ranging and sizing for procurement needs to meet Customer objectives with integrated IT systems to enable automation and efficient real time management of assets to maintain the necessary stock levels.


Electronic Warfare Operational Support


We provide Electronic Warfare services and solutions to ensure that the operational end-users are able to generate the maximum operational capability from their EW systems.

With an increasing reliance on digital systems, operational capability is dependent on high quality mission data being collected, managed and supported.  Leonardo’s Electronic Warfare Operational Support (EWOS) provides everything needed to gain and maintain EW operational capability and mission advantage.

EWOS extends from a single mission data file pre-loaded into an EW system, through to the supply of mission data as a service-based offering.  A full-scale National EW Centre is offered supporting cross-service including multi-platform EW systems, tailored to meet the Customer mission requirements and overall budget.

We provide all tools, support and services to create or expand a National mission data or EWOS capability, including:

• EW database and data management tools

• Mission data generation and analysis tools

• Threat vulnerability analysis and countermeasure development modelling tools and services

• Mission data verification products (hardware rigs and SW tools)

• EW and EWOS training courses

• Subject matter expertise through deployed specialists

• EW Centre infrastructure: physical, IT, security, organisation and administration.


Downlaod here the EWOS brochure



Mode 5 IFF Upgrade


We provide turnkey capabilities for major upgrade programmes.

Mode 5 Indicator Friend or Foe (IFF) is delivered under Team Skytale where a partnership agreement matches technologies and programme management capabilities to deliver a major upgrade programme covering many platform types and configurations with the new standard technology.

Team Skytale provides a complete and comprehensive ITAR Free IFF MODE 5 service from design, project management, installation, equipment supply and through life support.  Currently initiated for the UK Ministry of Defence, a new standard of IFF, Mode 5, is to be used from June 2020.

This service is offered Internationally to NATO and coalition partners where fleets and assets require compliance to Mode 5 requirements.

Press Release: Leonardo and Hensoldt to upgrade more than 350 UK Air, Land and Sea Platforms in contract worth over €290M


Simulation & Training Academies


We provide a range of simulation and training capabilities which support both products and the development of new service and support solutions.

From initial needs analysis, through the design of bespoke training, or training compliant to International standards, our simulation and training teams will ensure the delivery of complete training solutions – from novice to instructor, linking the needs through the life-cycle.

A mix of media is available from face to face to virtual learning experiences, delivered in local or on-line academies using synthetic environments, architectures and applications.