The unique characteristics of the AW609 TiltRotor combine the benefits of a helicopter and a fixed-wing aircraft into one aircraft, a true capability Hybrid aircraft.

The AW609 TiltRotor features a composite airframe, advanced touch-screen cockpit and full fly-by-wire digital controls. These advanced technologies will provide new levels of performance, safety, reliability and affordability for operators.

Taking off and landing vertically, flying above adverse weather conditions in a pressurised cabin at twice the speed and range typical of helicopters, the AW609 TiltRotor represents the next generation of aircraft transport for commercial, para-public and defence markets.

This multi-role aircraft can be configured for commercial applications such as Executive and Private Transport, Energy Services, Emergency Medical Services, Search and Rescue as well as Defense and National Security applications like Homeland Security, Naval, Utility, and Personnel Recovery (SAR).



MTOW: 8 tonne class
Powerplant: 2 x PWC PT6C-67A
Crew/Passengers: 2 pilots with 9 passengers



Powerplant 2 x PWC PT6C-67A

MTOW 8 tonne class 18,000 lb class
Useful load up to 2,860 kg up to 6,300 lb

Crew / Passengers 2/9

Fuel Load (std tank) 1,166 kg 2,571 lb

Max Cruise Speed 510 km/h 275 kt
Hover OGE (ISA) 1,828 m 6,000 ft
Hover IGE (ISA)  3.048 m 10.000 ft
Service Ceiling (ISA) 7,620 m 25,000 ft
Maximum range * - 1,389 km/1,852 km 700 nm/1000 nm
*with aux fuel



  • Two, 3-bladed Proprotors
  • Composite pressurized fuselage for up to 9 passengers
  • All composite wing with de-ice boots
  • TriPlex “Fly-by-Wire” flight controls
  • Triple redundant hydraulic and electrical systems
  • Above-the-weather 25,000 feet cruising altitude
  • State-of-the art avionics with touch screen displays


  • 3 Multi-Function Touch Screen Displays
  • Full IFR package
  • Flight guidance system
  • Flight management system
  • Global positioning system
  • Weather radar
  • Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT)



Executive and Private Transport

Maximise personal time by using the quickest method of travel from one location to another for distances between 50 and 500 nautical miles. Take off, accelerate rapidly, fly above the weather in comfort, landing vertically at your destination. Avoid the wear and tear of time spent in congested surface transport by flying direct to the centre of business.

Energy Services

For Oil & Gas operators the AW609 can carry up to nine passengers to twice the range and at twice the speed of conventional helicopters. Full Transport Category/Class 1 performance ensures safety in operations even in single engine conditions. As rigs move further offshore this capability will set a new industry standard for long range transport and the AW609’s ability to fly in full icing conditions enables operations anywhere in the world. Ashore the AW609 provides access to remote locations in support of new exploration programs

Emergency Medical Services

 In the critical moments following a traumatic injury when care is urgently needed to prevent irreversible damage or loss of life, the AW609 becomes invaluable.  Up to four medics can administer a higher level of life saving care thanks to the smooth flight profile and pressurized, medically equipped cabin.   The AW609’s speed and range easily overcome the tyranny of distance to the medical center. This capability also makes the AW609 ideal for transferring patients or organs between hospitals. 

Search and Rescue

The pioneering combination of VTOL capability, long range high speed flight into known icing conditions with the comfort of a pressurized cabin enabling a safe service ceiling of 25,000ft makes the AW609 an unrivalled asset for Government or private SAR operations. When every second counts, the AW609 cuts response times approximately 50%, even in the most demanding situations.
The specialized cabin, can accommodate up to two stretchers and all the SAR equipment, including a  600lb rescue hoist, needed for the mission.




Homeland Security

The AW609 is the ideal platform for counter-terrorism, quick reaction force insertion/extraction, hostage rescue, incident management and law enforcement.  The ability to operate more than 300 nm from the coast adds border and maritime patrol, long-range surveillance, anti-piracy, protection of national waters and fisheries control to the wide range of security roles suited to the AW609 TiltRotor’s large mission capability portfolio. 


Successful maritime operations in the littoral and the open ocean require versatile maritime rotorcraft. The AW609 has the unique characteristic to operate in the harshest maritime environment and is the perfect solution for the certain support, surveillance, and logistics (Ship to Ship / Ship to Shore) missions.


The AW609 is the multi-mission aircraft for a wide range of missions in diverse geographic and climatic environments with multiple threats.   It provides Government operators unique capabilities for personnel/logistics transport, and command and control teams. The AW609’s speed, range and VTOL capability enables rapid dispatch and utility support for the safe, secure movement of personnel or high priority parts.

Personnel Recovery (SAR)

The AW609’s versatility enables it to meet a variety of Personnel Recovery missions including; search and rescue, casualty/medical evacuation, and humanitarian relief operations. The ability to quickly fly recovered personnel directly to the appropriate medical facility in a pressurized cabin is a distinct advantage for the AW609 TiltRotor.