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18/06/17 13:00 Presenting the M-345 Trainer and the new Fighter Attack version of the M-346 Chalet 240, Row A
19/06/17 14:00 From Earth Observation to actionable intelligence: big-data analytics for Space 4.0 Chalet 240, Row A
20/06/17 10:30 Responder zero: could drones come before ‘first responders’? Chalet 240, Row A
21/06/17 10.00 AW169: setting new standards for Emergency Medical Service operations Chalet 240, Row A



Press Backgrounders


 Big-data analytics for Space 4.0


 Air Service Operator
 Rotary Wing Unmanned Air Systems & Surveillance/Maritime Patrol Operations


 AW169, the New Twin Engine Helicopter for EMS