ULISSES (Ultra Light SonicS Enhanced System) is characterised by cutting-edge technology  developed to provide a compact, light-weight solution to customer requirements for increased operational effectiveness of maritime surveillance. ULISSES offers an affordable  solution for advanced Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) operations on rotary and fixed wing Maritime Patrol Aircraft. 

ULISSES implements multistatic capabilities as well as concurrent processing on a variety of sonobuoys, including the latest special purpose sonobuoys developed to detect low noise targets.

With optimised weight and size, ULISSES is also suitable for installation on small platforms both manned and unmanned (UAV, USV, RHIB). ULISSES is backward compatible with dipping Sonar Sub-Systems, typically installed on medium/heavy class helicopters. 


  • Search, detection, localisation and classification of targets in shallow and blue waters
  • Automatic tracking of multiple targets
  • Target range, bearing and doppler velocity computation
  • Enhanced acoustic performance estimation
  • Sound velocity profile and environmental noise measurement
  • Classification library management
  • Sonobuoy localisation capability
  • GPS Sonobuoys capability
  • Light weight system
  • Multistatic capability
  • Management of up to 32 passive and/or active Sonobuoys
  • Provision for Dipping Sonar Integration




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