Typhoon mission trainer

Sensors stimulated by a realistic environment

Typhoon is one of the world’s most advanced new generation multi-role/swing-role combat aircraft on the market. To fully exploit its current and future wide-ranging operational capabilities, a constant and effective mission training is needed. The Typhoon Mission Trainer, developed by Leonardo leveraging on its leading edge technology in sensors and mission equipment, is the right answer.

Mission & features

Typhoon Mission Trainer can be used as:

  • A TRAINING Tool (easy-to-use & cost-effective with an intuitive training environment, with a high fidelity simulation of the aircraft sensor capabilities and a realistic threats scenario)
  • A CONOPS Demonstrator (sensor suite in a complete environment, emphasizing the evolution of the Concepts of Operation with  new functionalities)
  •  A REHEARSAL Tool (enables mission rehearsal of pre-defined scenarios and special features of interest).


Main characteristics:

  •  A virtual cockpit replica based on commercial displays (including touch screens)
  • Stick and throttle are a physical replica of Eurofighter ones
  • An instructor station that can be used also as mission planner and scenario generator
  • The training device is able to represent different aircraft standards 
  • The system can be deployed with squadrons to permit training mission rehearsal 
  • Multiple devices are natively linked to create a distributed, multi-ship training environment
  • The behaviour of mission related equipment (Radar, DASS, IFF, MIDS, IRST and LDP) is accurately represented 

Technical data

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