Helicopter Simulation and Training

Providing training support services to internal and external customers.

Simulation and Training (S&T) provide a range of training and support services to its customers. These range from training design, training content development including real-time simulations, training delivery and through-life training equipment support.

The primary aim is to disseminate knowledge and information through training aids and tools enabling our customers to improve their competencies and decision making. This ultimately drives down customer costs, repair times and no fault founds. 

S&Ts key customers are UK MOD where we provide maintenance simulations at RAF Cosford, HMS Sultan, RAF Benson and RAF Odiham and International air-forces for platform specific aircraft maintenance solutions. S&T also maintains 1500 ground training aids across 25 MOD sites ranging from mission simulators to parachute training equipment. 

S&T are at the forefront of new training capabilities using Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and distributed cloud technologies to provide real-time support to maintainers and field service representatives embedded in remote operating environments.

Main features


  • Modern training design using Technology Enabled Learning methodologies
  • Real-time and stochastic simulations across multiple platforms and multiple industries
  • Partnering approach allowing the best fit technologies and suppliers to be used
  • Through-life training equipment support teams embedded throughout customer sites across the UK
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