RF Technology: Foundry and Microwave Power Solutions

Leonardo has an extensive experience in RF Technology, we operate a Foundry in our Rome Tiburtina plant and develop Microwave Power Solutions in Palermo plant.



Leonardo Foundry is a Manufacturing facility of Leonardo located in Rome and specialised in the production of Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits - MMIC -.

The Foundry encompasses strategic technologies for the production and development of Leonardo systems.

It is a strategic national asset for know how development and retention and ensures the maintainability of the technology during the entire product life-cycle.

Within the Defence and Security market, it prevents the block of Production due to MMIC unavailability (for low volume production, single sources, ITAR blocks…)

It allows to develop cutting edge components for special application (i.e. space business)

Within the same site are included:

  • MMICs development
  • MMIC Production: GaAs/GaN technology
  • RF test & Reliability evaluation
  • Advanced packaging 

The foundry has a wide range of capabilities starting from the Engineering Services, to Foundry Services and additional Services (such as On-wafer RF testing).


Microwave Power Solutions


Leonardo Palermo plant develop and produce state-of-the-art of Microwave Power Solutions based on Electronic Vacuum technology as Magnetrons, Klystrons, Travelling Wave Tubes (TWT), mini-TWT, Microwave Power Modules (MPM), TWT Amplifiers (TWT-A) and on Microelectronics technology as Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPA), Microwave Microelectronics Hybrid Integrated Circuits (HIC), RF Modules and Sub-assemblies as Receiver and Exciter.

MPS Design Center provides:

  • Circuital & Full Wave Simulation
  • Interaction Analysis & Large Signal
  • Mechanical 3-D Engineering
  • Thermo-structural Analysis
  • Specific Manufacturing and Qualification branch for each lines (Mil/Civ/Space)

Microwave Power Solutions are developed for Military and Civil Airborne, Surface, Missile platforms and Space application.

Leonardo offer can leverage on an extensive experience dating back to the 60ties, coupled with constant research & technological developments. This has led Leonardo offer to be at the edge of the innovation and among the top players worldwide. 

Products and Solutions can be customized in accordance with specific customer needs.

Key high power vacuum device technology includes:

  • brazing, RF induced and resistance welding;
  • etching and plating;
  • manual and automated microwave high power CW and pulsed testing;
  • facilities for inspection, including CNC contactless equipment and SEM electronic microscope.

Key Microelectronic technology includes:

  • fully automated epoxy (and other adhesive) dispensing automatic eutectic attach;
  • die placement and wire bonding;
  • advanced microwave module assembling;
  • automatic testing.

Leonardo also provides specific Manufacturing and Qualification branch for each line (Military/Civil/Space), RF testing for complex solutions and in-house Environmental Screening.


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