Mini/Micro UAS - Mission Training System
A flexible and versatile solution for mini and Micro UAS .

A powerful asset for training and operational support.

A cost effective training solution

Even for small UAS, operating in the volatile and changing Air space environment, as it pertains to drones, can be challenging. A proper training is needed. Leonardo UAS Mission training system is a software-based, modular and scalable tool allowing training and support during operational activities to increase the mission awareness while operating the systems.

Mission &Features

System composition

The system is composed of a Ground control station, a high fidelity dynamic model of the platform and sensors and an external synthetic view. An instructor monitor with stealth view is available for each student or in a classroom configuration to control multiple students. 

A full library of payloads

Unmanned aerial vehicles are used across the world for civilian, commercial, as well as military applications. The system can select a range of payloads from a library and fly different missions, to cover all the possible applications.

Operational support

The system can be used as support tool to enhance the mission awareness. It is able to transfer in real time the data to/from the real system, allowing to share the information available to the operator. The augmented reality technology extends the operator’s mission awareness. 

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