KRONOS Power Shield


Early warning AESA radar for Anti Tactical Ballistic Missile (ATBM) guidance and Air Breathing Threat (ABT) defence Complying with future requirements.

Our long-range radars comply with future early warning requirements and are able to detect and track several classes of ballistic missiles. KRONOS® Power Shield is a D-Band Multifunction AESA Radar designed for Naval Early Warning Tactical Ballistic Missile Surveillance and Defence.

KRONOS® Power Shield is designed for naval application and operates in both a rotating and staring mode.

Forming part KRONOS Family of radars, the key feature of the KRONOS Power Shield architecture is its Fully Digital Antenna based on technology already proven through in-service Active Electronically Scanned Antenna (AESA) Multifunction Radars. The core block of the digital antenna is the DAT, Digital Active Tile, which implements a full radar chain for each single radiating element, starting from the Waveform Generation up to the broadband ADC.



KRONOS Power Shield covers the full spectrum of BMD capabilities required for an Early Warning Radar (EWR) by modern complex scenarios.


Tactical Ballistic Missile Defence

High data rate and excellent detection accuracy for a timely cue of descending phase Tactical Ballistic Missiles (TBMs).


Tactical Ballistic Missile Surveillance

Very extended range for wide area surveillance and Early Warning Initiation of ascending phase TBMs. Mission flexibility to support Tactical Picture Updating or cueing to FCR for self-reaction against Air Breathing  and Tactical Ballistic threats.


Main Features
  • New generation of software defined radar
  • Excellent tracking accuracy thanks to bi-dimensional digital monopulse based on single element input
  • High Range Resolution (Wide Band) to discriminate TBM Booster from TBM Re-entry Vehicle
  • Advanced ECCM capabilities and Clutter/Multipath suppression by means of Adaptive Digital Beamforming (ADBF)
  • Stared antenna operation for radar performance extension


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