The KRONOS® GRAND is a highly compact and mobile multifunctional System, designed for Land Based Tactical operations requiring outstanding Air and Coastal Surveillance and Defence against new generation of conventional and asymmetric threats.

The system, fully exploiting the C-band Active Electronic Scanning Antenna (AESA), performS Surveillance, Tracking, Threat Evaluation and Fire Control against multiple threats, at the same time and automatically by scanning the beam both in azimuth and elevation (Multifunctional Capability). It detects and tracks all types of air and maritime threat, such as aircraft, high speed missiles, low level UAVs, hovering helicopters, rockets and artillery blasts, as well as vessels and small, stealth boats.

This multifunctional capabilities and the high Interoperability in an Air and Missile Defense Network by embedded C4I center allow a single system to be fielded instead of multiple ones (Power of One). It is a member of the KRONOS multifunctional radar family employing the Active Electronic Scanning Array (AESA) technology based on the company’s fully-owned GaAs and GaN manufacturing capability (based on a patented technology), developed in our in-house foundry.