The HITROLE® - 20mm is a modern, fully stabilized, electrically operated and remotely controlled naval weapon system that can be fitted with a multi barrels cannons, well suited for policing operations and countering asymmetric threats.

High capacity ammunition storage (750 rounds 20mm), guarantee the necessary operative flexibility and autonomy for close-in protection against sea-based threats and air targets.

HITROLE® - 20mm is fitted as standard option with three barrels 20 mm x 102 mm Gatling gun. The system, if requested, can be fitted with single barrel machine guns of 12.7mm in caliber, 12.7mm Gatling gun,  40mm AGL, or, as growth potential, six barrels 20 mm x 102 mm  Gatling gun and 30 mm LF chain gun.

HITROLE® - 20mm can be easily operated by a single operator through a Remote Control Console and joystick or can be controlled by the ship’s Combat Management System.

Installation on board is simplified and does not require deck penetration.

The high performances of HITROLE® - 20mm digital servos and brushless motors, the combination of the optical sight, the ballistic computer with very high speed computation, the outstanding elevation angle (-30° to 75°) and the possibility to be equipped with different cannons,  grant to the User a multi-role capabilities with the chance to engage efficiently and effectively in short time with significantly high payloads on targets.

The low RCS shield designed for demanding RCS requirements, protects the system and enhance its endurance under harsh environment.


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