Helicopters Operational Training

Greater platform capability requires a similar evolution in training solutions. 
Our goal is to enable our Customers to do more by realizing the full potential of their helicopter assets.

Our offering includes a range of tailored instruction to train aircrew, rear, crew and supporting functions, through different methods: ground schools, synthetic training and live flying training. 


A wide range of choices

  • From Basic To Advanced Training Syllabus
  • Simulator Advanced Realistic Scenarios for Pilot
  • Multi Pilot Training Scenario Based
  • Day/night, onshore/offshore Helicopter Hoist Operations for Pilot, Hoist Operator, Rescue Man and Rescue Swimmer
  • Open Water And Deck Hoist Operations, Including Moving Target
  • HEMS Training Courses for Pilot, Medical Crew Member, Technical Crew Member and Ground personnel
  • Front seat training for Technical Crew Member
  • Tactical Insertion Full Crew Training Including Fast Roping And Rappelling Techniques
  • Mission Console Operator Courses including Observation System & Mission Display, Mission Recording System, Video Downlink/Uplink, Digital Map and External Searchlight
  • Helicopter External Sling Load Operations (HESLO)
  • Fire Fighting Operations
  • Scenarios Based Training Courses: SAR, HEMS, Wind Turbines, Marine Pilot Transfer, Law Enforcement Operations
  • NVIS Operations (including Night Vision Googles (NVG)) for Pilot & Technical Crew Member
  • Search & Rescue Full Crew Training
  • CRM/HF Elements Embedded In Operator Conversion & Loft Training
  • CRM for full Crew
  • Instructor courses 
  • Recurrent & OPCs
  • Swimming Pool Training for Rescue Swimmer
  • Helicopter Under Escape Training (HUET) / Cabin evacuation
  • Advanced Personal Protective Equipment Training course
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