Distributed Mission Training Solutions

Realism and Interoperability.

Leonardo ASSD as strategic Partner of the IT Air Force has developed a training solution able to execute complex synthetic Distributed Air Operations at joint and coalition level. The solution is immersive, robust, safe, operating in real-time and certifiable at NATO secret level. It can be used for training as well as for testing and experimentation at strategic, tactical and operational levels able to train all the personnel involved in the command and control chain.

The solution developed has been built upon the innovative and unique characteristics of RIACE as constructive environment that has enabled the IT Air Force to be the first in Europe participating on July 2018 to the Spartan network organized by the 5 Power Nations (US, UK, IT, GE and FR) within the NATO organization with important operational assets, including Typhoon.


LEONARDO ASSD has developed a Distributed Mission Training with the following characteristics:


  • SYSTEM OF SYSTEMS: The solution is a system of systems providing a high-fidelity theatre synthetic battlespace and complex-class exercise control to support joint distributed warfighter training, testing and experimentation across the operational and tactical levels of training.
  • RIACE: Leonardo Distributed Mission Training Solution is based on RIACE, an air combat training environment offering air combat maneuvres and weapons operations with unmatched fidelity and realism. It is based on proven components, used for operational training on Full Mission fighter simulators, and designed side-by-side with NATO users.
  • LARGE SCENARIOS: The system can be used to create complex scenarios for individual and joint training as well as large and sophisticated scenarios for joint and alliance operations involving several constructive elements interacting with multiple man-in-the-loop.
  • LVC: The architecture supports a full LVC training environment with multiple blue/red and white players in various combinations of live, virtual and constructive over a WAN HLA network
  • ADVANCED 2&3D GRAPHICS: The solution includes a state-of-the-art 2D&3D Tactical Situation Display and advanced Instructor Control Station with built-in graphical features providing a full tactical awareness of the scenario evolution. A scalable monitoring and debriefing facility allows monitoring and controlling for wide audiences, both locally and remotely connected.
  • LOW INSTRUCTOR WORKLOAD: The Agent based RIACE engine allows the instructors to concentrate on the big scenario orchestration without the need to take care of all the details for a complex mission execution. 
  • HI-FIDELITY SENSORS: The system is fully integrated with MARS Sensor simulation capabilities offering a highly realistic simulation that reproduces the physical interaction between the environment and the sensor components and algorithmic behaviour of the sensor logics
  • HI-FIDELITY EW: Designed to support large forces exercises with complex multi-threat scenarios, the capability in EW modelling allows to create challenging scenarios with intelligent threats increasing the training validity of the entire exercise
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