Defence Systems Configuration Management

Our Configuration Management Plan manages every specific customer system requirement and enables the customer to know in detail the potential of our products.


Defence Systems Configuration Management processes are applied from early design of the system throughout the product life cycle, and include:

  • Configuration Identification
  • Configuration Control
  • Configuration Status Accounting
  • Configuration Audits

Our Configuration Management enables the customer to recognize the system configuration and  evaluate possible modifications, upgrades and relevant  kits to be implemented during the system life cycle in order to keep it updated. It ensures that all Configuration Items, tools and maintenance documentation have been correctly identified and updated and that the personnel are properly trained in maintenance operations. Specific Customer system requirements are managed through a tailored Configuration Management Plan.

All the activities included in the Configuration Management are based on recognized NATO standards (AQAP-2110; AQAP-150; STANAG 4159; STANAG 4427 and ACMP), ISO (10007) and Military handbook (MIL HDBK-61), and performed throughout our Company’s Information System

  • PDM (Product Data Management)
  • SAP
  • Sherpa
  • Windchill PDM Link PTC

Moreover, Defence Systems provides the customer with an On-line configuration visibility thanks to the SAP CS (Customer Support).

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