The ANV-353 is a fully digital Doppler Velocity Sensor (DVP) that provides a continuous and accurate three axis velocity measurement for both fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft applications.

Installed on over ten different platforms, ANV-353It is a single-unit, low power sensor, specifically designed for integrated systems. 

The ANV-353 architecture grants system flexibility, reduction in volume, weight and power consumption. 
By means of the aircraft Pitch, Roll and Heading attitude references the ANV-353 DVS computes the earth referenced velocities (Vh, Vd and Vv) and the geographical referenced velocities (Vn, Ve and Vv) to be used by the aircraft navigation computer.

The ANV-353 DVS installed together with the ANV-801+ Multifunction Control Display constitute a complete, stand alone Doppler GPS Navigation System.

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