A244/S mod.3

Il siluro leggero A244/S mod.3 rappresenta l'ultimo aggiornamento della famiglia degli A244/S in dotazione a più di sedici Marine di tutto il mondo.

The A244/S Mod.3 has been designed to oppose the threats represented by the last-generation submarines with anechoic coating and equipped with countermeasures; it can be used in not deep and coastal waters. However, it can navigate up to useful depths to oppose any conventional threats, reaching higher speeds than 35 kt.

The A244/S Mod.3 is 2.75 meters long that achieve 2.91 in the helicopter-borne launch; in this case, in fact, the torpedo is equipped with a parachute to slow down its splash speed and give it the necessary pitch and stability. When it touches the sea, the parachute gets detached.

The A244/S Mod.3 has got a very powerful propulsion system formed of a 246-cell battery with low environmental impact, which increases the autonomy of the version mod. 3 by 50% compared to the previous ones.

It is equipped with a last-generation electronics, thanks to which it can perform a digital “signal processing” (FFT – Fast Fourier Transformer) that, together with the reduced noise produced by the same torpedo, allows it detecting targets with low TS (Target Strength).


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