C2ISR Week 2021
8-12 Marzo 2021

Leonardo provides solutions that range from platforms through to full ISR/ISTAR systems, sensors and effectors, advanced components and fully integrated solutions. We are also a world leader in real-time and remote sensing, providing military forces around the globe with timely information superiority and situational awareness.

We exhibited a range of electronics, cyber capabilities and helicopters during C2ISR Week 2021 (8-12 March),and presented sessions on 'The Importance of Air in JADC2'; 'A Step into the Future of Maritime Surveillance'; and 'Improving Airborne Assets for Maritime ISR'.

Maritime ISR

Leonardo is among the top ten world players in Aerospace, Defence and Security, producing cutting-edge aircraft, helicopters, electronic warfare and ISR systems, and cyber, communications and support services.

We are a leading manufacturer of surveillance solutions for both the civil and defence sectors, ranging from sensors up to full C2ISR systems. Our customers can choose a product solution that best fits their needs or they can opt for a contracted surveillance service.

Leonardo is also a leading producer of multi-role maritime helicopters able to operate from a large range of ships. We provide our customers with unrivalled flexibility for a variety of missions, from coast guard duties and border security to military operations.

Airborne ISR

Leonardo provides a complete spectrum of surveillance solutions to match the operational needs of end users, from armed forces, government agencies and civilian organisations. Our surveillance radars can provide stand-alone solutions or complement other sensors to form part of an overall ISR capability providing a cost effective force-multiplier solution offering flexible multi-mission capability.

Leonardo’s range of advanced, price competitive EW solutions maximise situational awareness and aircraft survivability to counter the complex and dense nature of the electronic battlefield. Our customers can choose a product solution for any C2ISR mission that best fits their needs or they can opt for a contracted surveillance service.

Land ISR

Leonardo offers fully integrated solutions and products across all the defence operational domains, and is a major contributor to national and international Security and Resilience. We are a UK sovereign lead in advanced sensors, detectors and optronics, playing a key role in developing the open systems approach to vehicle mission systems integration, reflected in leadership of Dstl’s Icarus modular integrated protection systems demonstration.

Leonardo’s Land portfolio also includes advanced capabilities that address the range of cyber and electromagnetic activities, electronic counter measures, networked digital communications, holistic training provision and through-life logistical service support.