IFTS - International Flight Training School
Training excellence for fighter pilots.

Experience, Excellence, Affordability

The Italian Air Force’s world-renowned excellence for flight training and Leonardo’s leadership in integrated training solutions, come together to create in Italy the brand new International Flight Training School (IFTS). The School is set to become an international benchmark for pilot training, starting with Phase IV (Advanced/Lead-In Fighter Training).


Italian Air Force expertise

Thanks to the large experience acquired over decades of training national and international combat pilots, IFTS is characterized by international instructor pilots selected by ItAF (former military pilots qualified by ItAF) , with a “ Train As You Fight” imprinting to the training programme. In particular, the stringent pilot qualification process allows achieving the highest levels of training required for use on 4th-5th gen fighter aircraft.








Integrated training solutions by Leonardo

Leonardo contributes to the new IFTS with the M-346 advanced trainer aircraft with on-board Embedded Tactical Training System (ETTS) and in service with some of the most demanding Air Forces, including Israel, Singapore, Poland and Italy. The company also brings a Ground Based Training System (GBTS) with full state-of-the-art training devices, including Full Mission Simulators and forefront fully operational LVC – Live, Virtual, Constructive – environment for maximum cost-effectiveness.

Preparing next generation pilots

The IFTS offers customised teaching modules, according to the syllabus of the incoming Air Force, including its basic training, to best suit the student pilot‘s desired exit level, further increasing the download of expensive flight hours from Operation Conversion Unit (OCU), saving time and valuable resources.

IFTS added values

Within highly modern dedicated infrastructures to guarantee students top-level facilities in an international setting, the IFTS provides large and diversified training airspaces ideal for every fighter-training scenario and different environmental conditions, together with recognized international standard models.



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