Leonardo for Euronaval
A virtual Experience

Due to the ongoing global health emergency, Euronaval 2020, which was scheduled to be in Paris-Le Bourget, is held digitally, from 19 to 25 October.

As part of the company’s participation in Euronaval 2020, Leonardo has developed its own interactive and immersive 3D representation of its products. This is part of its communication strategy which places greater emphasis on digital activities.

Leonardo’s digital platform, created exclusively for Euronaval, envisages two worlds – above and under water – where systems representating Leonardo's naval defence capabilities and expertise are showcased. Visitors are able to see videos and 3D models, understand their main features and interact with the products, including Black Scorpion, Janus, Vulcano, Ulisses and Osprey.

Connection is possible through all devices, including PCs, tablets, smartphones.
Leonardo's Euronaval experience: online from 20 October.

(Note: Please use only Chrome, Edge Firefox or Safari)