Open Innovation

For Leonardo, innovation comes in many forms. It is not purely based on the work of individuals, but also depends on the sharing of ideas and knowledge among many players, both inside and outside the company. These include universities, research centres, SMEs, start-up companies and customers.

Together with our internal expertise, these partnerships aim to develop and improve our technology and product portfolio for the future as well as enhancing basic research.

We value and invest in the people who dedicate themselves to innovation within Leonardo and our wider network. Their collective know-how is vital in advancing the Group’s technological expertise, and our people remain the most important resource to ensure we stay competitive in a fast-moving world.

Technological Excellence at the heart of a collaborative network

We have developed relationships over many years with the academic and research world. These collaborations are invaluable for the Group. They are a guarantee of high-quality scientific work and enable us to foster innovation by building on the knowledge of all our partners.

We also understand that strong, stable relationships with external partners can bring tangible benefits in both results and growth. Leonardo’s collaborations include joint research programmes as well as training courses, internships, PhDs and theses.

Through research contracts and co-funded projects, we continue to build long-term relationships with leading academic and research stakeholders, covering all major areas of technological development.

To strengthen our partnership with academia and to create professional training opportunities, we have also established internships with major Italian universities. These internships cover a wide range of skills that are in line with the Group’s training and technology strategy.