Tender Notices

This dedicated section is where we publish tender notices related to supply, services and works initiatives. These notices enable the broadest possible participation of companies and guarantee maximum competitiveness within the supply chain.
During this process, suppliers are invited to confirm their interest in participating in a tender and, if deemed suitable, invited to participate in the tender itself.
Consult the Active Tenders

On the active tenders page, you can select the list also update via the archive

Call for Tender

Call for tender 5000000379 - Helicopters

AW 109 Trekker EMS Interior
Data di scadenza: 27/01/2017

Call for tender 5000000374 - Helicopters

Foldable Floor Mounted Seat
Data di scadenza: 27/01/2017

Avviso di gara 5000000373 - Elettronica per la difesa

Data di scadenza: 10/01/2017

Avviso di gara 5000000364 - Elettronica per la difesa

Servizi e Task di Ingegneria
Data di scadenza: 20/01/2017

Call for tender 5000000356 - Leonardo Global Solutions

Data di scadenza: 22/12/2016

Call for tender 5000000358 - Leonardo Global Solutions

Electronic Components
Data di scadenza: 21/12/2016 - 18: 00

Call for tender 5000000353 - Helicopters

Flotation and Life Raft System
Data di scadenza: 19/12/2016

Call for tender 5000000352 - Aerostructures

B767 Program
Data di scadenza: 19/12/2016

Call for tender 5000000351 - Aerostructures

B767 Program
Data di scadenza: 15/12/2016

Call for tender 5000000350 - Aerostructures

B767 Program
Data di scadenza: 12/12/2016