Quality Requirements for Suppliers

The QRS-01 (Quality Requirements for Suppliers) and associated modules QRS-XXX is the Quality Manual applicable to all Suppliers when referred to within a Purchase Order or Agreement, and shall be flowed-down to all Sub-tier Suppliers. The QRS-XXX Modules shall be applied at their latest revision as published below.

All Suppliers must be approved to supply articles. The Aerospace companies are expected to be certified to the EN/AS/JISQ9100 series, as applicable, and the QRS-01 contains specific Leonardo Helicopters requirements that are in addition to these standards.
The use of IAQG documents and guidelines, such as SCMH (Supply Chain Management Handbook), are recommended to supplement the application of QRS-01.

The revised QRS-01 Issue 5 and associated modules is effective immediately for new approved Suppliers and will be applicable from October 1st, 2019 to all current Suppliers.


QRS-01 Issue 5 and associated modules



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Quality Plan Templates and Checklists
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Quality Approval and Provisions


Quality assurance provisions

Quality Assurance requirements

for the fulfilment of the order, the supplier shall comply with Leonardo Helicopter Division suppliers' quality manual (qrs 01)* and all the procedures quoted by reference in the same. the above manual applies to all the direct material supplies. in the event the order is placed on an agent or commercial organization, the latter shall assure the supplier/manufacturer that will effectively execute the supply, shall apply the quality assurance provisions hereinafter set forth.


  • For the duration of the Order, the Supplier shall ensure the application of the Quality Level recognized by Leonardo Helicopter Division exclusively for the scope of the qualification.
  • With reference to the peculiarity of the supply in Order, Leonardo Helicopter Division reserves the right to implement a specific Quality Plan or Supply Control Plan.
  • Both during and after the completion of the Order, the Supplier undertakes to promptly provide Leonardo Helicopter Division with information on continuous airworthiness concerning the materials supplied.
  • In the event Leonardo Helicopter Division deems useful to execute an on-site test, the Supplier shall notify Leonardo Helicopter Division the beginning of the acceptance test with ten day notice.
  • The Supplier shall assure free access to Leonardo Helicopter Division representatives and ,as applicable, to its customers and/or Military and Civil Authorities.
  • The Supply must be manufactured in compliance with the configuration and quality provisions required by the Order. Any change shall be approved in writing in advance by Leonardo Helicopter Division 
  • Parts/assemblies shall be identified and serialised as required by applicable technical/ manufacturing documentation.
  • Complete Supply traceability shall be ensured from incoming material/component to end product.
  • All items delivered to Leonardo Helicopter Division must be preserved, packed and shipped according to the Order requirements or, if not specified, to the best commercial rules (ref. MIL-P-116). Item subject to shelf life must be delivered with at least ¾ of full life. Parts and/or single packages and relevant Cetificates of Conformances shall indicate, as applicable: cure date, batch/lot number, assembly date, expiry date.
  • Every Supply shall be always delivered with a Certificate of Conformity to the Order requirements as per "Annex B" of AQAP-2070 or equivalent document containing, at least, the same information.
  • Items from a "Stockist/Distributor" must be always delivered with Certificate of Conformity and copy of the original Certificate of Manufacturer.
  • * The entire quality documentation concerning the accomplishment of the Order is available on this web site
  • ** The provisions of clauses 1, 3, 7, 8, 10, 11, do not apply to indirect materials.

PARTICULAR PROVISIONS (in addition to the General Provisions)
Write the two digits of the Quality Codes reported in the Purchase Order line item in order to get explanation of the appropriate meaning.