Satellite Communications

Satellite communications to meet all requirements

Cutting-edge solutions and Space centres of excellence: how we support business, military and institutional clients.

Telespazio has a heritage in the satellite telecommunications sector dating back more than 60 years. Through our joint-venture, which is 67% owned by Leonardo and 33% by Thales, we strive to offer our clients secure, reliable, global solutions.

We make use of Space centres of excellence, like Lario (Como) and Fucino (L’Aquila),  certified as best teleport of the year by the WTA, as well as ad hoc plants set up for our clients. This added value enables us to take a leading role in the Italian radio and television market and we are one of the main players in Europe.

Communication networks managed by Telespazio combine satellite and ground solutions to respond effectively to the needs of institutional and business clients.

We offer both fixed and mobile broadband solutions, in Italy and overseas. Our commercial offering can be applied across various sectors, including oil and gas, utilities, maritime, and telecommunications.

In the military communications arena, we boast long-standing experience. Since 2001, we have been involved in the Italian SICRAL Defence programme. We also provide telecommunications services to the armed forces of NATO countries. Tailored to specific needs, we offer military clients MilSatCom, GovSatCom and ComSatCom solutions.

For institutional satellite communications, we play a strategic role in the ATHENA-FIDUS programme. We also supply applications and services for civil defence, security, and e-government.

Our Fucino (L’Aquila)and Scanzano (Matera) Space Centres house satellite telecommunications system gateways run by leading operators including Inmarsat and Eutelsat.

Finally, we run the network of stations and sites spread across the world and connected by the Galileo Data Dissemination Network (GDDN).

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