Alongside you throughout the satellite’s service life

We provide services for in-orbit control during launch and post-launch phases, as well as during routine operations.

We have decades of experience supporting the satellite operations of the major European space agencies through our joint-venture Telespazio (67% Leonardo, 33% Thales). We are one of the leading suppliers of operational services for space missions, offering clients engineering, operational, and logistics services for both institutional and commercial programmes.

Our experience is recognised internationally. This know-how allows us to provide services for in-orbit control during launch and post-launch phases and routine operations, throughout the life-cycle of low-orbit, mid-orbit, and geo-stationary orbit satellites, through to their de-orbiting.

Today, Telespazio runs more than 50 LEOP (Launch and Early Orbit phase) operations, currently controlling 10 satellites.

Relying on Telespazio means being able to count on our satellite control centres, flight dynamics systems, and ground stations. We also provide all the necessary ancillary services such as communication, logistics and security.

We have a highly-qualified team with international expertise. In Italy, our joint-venture operates the prestigious Fucino (L’Aquila), Lario (Como), and Scanzano (Matera) space centres. Our people are active around the world, working in partnership with government clients and at the facilities of the world’s major space agencies.

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