Solutions for society and the environment

​In a rapidly changing international scenario, in which markets require increasing effectiveness,
safety and reduced environmental impacts, Leonardo has highly technological solutions, result of
the development processes, that can operate in an integrated and synergistic way to respond to the
emerging global needs.


Specifically, Leonardo enhances its technologies by a dual use approach, applying them to the civil
sector, with repercussions in many areas of interest for everyday life, and to the military sector,
intercepting transversal needs, from the public to the private sector and from communities to



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Leonardo provides  cutting-edge solutions that limit environmental impacts thanks to the use of carbon to replace metal materials in the aeronautical sector, hybrid and electric systems for ship propulsion, flight simulators that avoid CO2 production and Advanced Air and Vessel Traffic Management systems for the optimization of air and naval traffic.


Leonardo's satellite systems and drones, through the monitoring of the Earth, produce useful data to assess the impact of greenhouse gas emissions, the hydrogeological situation and that of water and natural resources. Leonardo is also involved in projects on the protection of the marine ecosystem related to issues such as illegal waste disposal and the uncontrolled extraction of natural resources from the seabed.


Leonardo provides modular and scalable technologies and solutions that, during emergencies caused by extreme meteorological phenomena, produce a careful analysis of the context helping to prevent critical situations and allow intervention, even in an integrated way, by organizing the assistance to the affected populations and ensuring effectiveness of the interventions.


Leonardo offers its customers surveillance systems and advanced solutions for reliable and efficient information management in order to guarantee greater security of people in contexts concerning public security, emergency services, civil protection and the protection of critical infrastructures.



Leonardo develops and offers solutions, technologies and services that guarantee the security of data, networks and systems for critical infrastructures, government institutions, intelligence agencies, police forces and companies, being the partner chosen by many important national and international institutions. Furthermore, Leonardo helps the manufacturing sector to seize the opportunities offered by the new technology trends of Industry 4.0 with cyber protected solutions in an industrial environment.


Through its innovation processes, Leonardo is active in the development of even more performing, reliable, accessible and sustainable technological solutions that can meet the increasingly stringent requirements of efficiency, safety and containment of the environmental impacts required by the market. In these areas Leonardo is a partner of excellence in programs financed at national and European level that guarantee the availability of the resources necessary for the research and for the implementation of the produced innovation.



Last update: May 2018