Our approach

Leonardo integrates Sustainability in all aspects of the business to create value over the long term and generate economic, social and environmental impacts for the company and for all stakeholders. To achieve these objectives, Leonardo transforms and enriches the financial, human, operational and technological resources available to it through value-added processes, through the management of knowledge and skills, customer intimacy, continuous innovation, supplier involvement and attention to environmental sustainability.

The responsibility, integrity and shared values guide the choices and behaviours in the conduct of the business and they contribute to increase consumers’, suppliers’, business and trade partners’ and all stakeholders’ confidence.





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Leonardo has a model of governance and sustainability management that can guarantee continuity in the commitment and consistency of the Group's actions

The Nomination, Governance and Sustainability Committee, of which the majority is independent, carries out proactive and advisory functions to the Board of Directors. It also verifies, in coordination with the Control and Risks Committee, the pursuit of the sustainability objectives and their consistency with the Industrial Plan.


The Executive Committee, composed of the first organizational levels, is responsible for determining the sustainability objectives and implementing them, defining the actions to be implemented in the respective areas of competence. It also includes the CEO and the CSO (Chief Stakeholder Officer) who oversees the issues of Sustainability.

The Sustainability Ambassadors network contributes to the implementation of the sustainability strategy, providing support in initiatives and projects at central and local level. They are appointed from the first organizational levels and are coordinated by the Sustainability unit.