Human Capital

People are Leonardo’s best resources: they create value through responsible conduct
thus strengthening the Company’s reputation, and they participate in production and
innovation processes and develop relationships with customers and all stakeholders.


Leonardo is committed to enhancing the skills and talent of each person through a transparent, fair and meritocratic management of the processes of growth and professional development, with the aim of increasing professional skills, talent and knowledge of the whole Group.



Leonardo favors an inclusive working environment, able to respect and enhance the diversity of everyone. The female presence is increasing, especially in managerial positions, and different generations work side by side putting together the creative energy of young people with the experience of the most senior resources.

Leonardo offers equal opportunities and guarantees fair treatment based on individual skills and abilities. For this reason, it undertakes to offer all employees also corporate welfare instruments aimed at reconciling private and working life.


Last update: May 2018

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