ShearScout® Sonic and ShearScout® 3D provide integrated solutions for wind shear detection and 3D weather monitoring at airports. Focus can be put on the aerodrome itself or include the glide path and the airport hinterland. Different hard- and software options allow an individual configuration according to the local meteorological conditions and the available budget. ShearScout® components like e.g. RainScoutATC are available as stand-alone products or as part of an integrated ShearScout® solution for wind shear detection.

ShearScout® Sonic

In the last phase of arrivals or departures, aircrafts are very vulnerable to head wind loss. Consequently, wind shear monitoring along the glide slope and at the runways is a key element for aircraft safety. ShearScout® Sonic is the ideal solution for the ground-based detection of wind shear. It captures wind data from a series of ultrasonic wind sensors or AWOS located along the runway and along the glide slope. ShearScout® Sonic is the preferred choice if weather radars cannot be installed due to local circumstances or if the radar coverage of the aerodrome area is limited. ShearScout® Sonic typically includes our LLWAS hardware and the software packages RainShear and RainScoutATC.

ShearScout® 3D

While ground-based anemometers are limited to 2D wind shear detection, weather radar and lidar provide 3D-coverage of the aerodrome area. Radar and Lidar are complementary systems. Due to the detection capabilities, radar has its best performance in adverse weather while lidar outperforms radar in clear conditions. If combined, both sensors are the ideal system for all weather 3D detection of hazards. Both sensors provide 3D capability, which means they are able to scan in azimuth and elevation direction. Hence, ShearScout® 3D is not only designed for monitoring the airport itself but also the vicinity and beyond. ShearScout® 3D typically includes our software packages Rainbow® 5 and RainScoutATC together with a METEOR weather radar and a Lidar system.


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