Security & Privacy by Design Suites
Secure by design digital platforms and compliance to GDPR.

Proprietary metodology for secure software

Leveraging a proprietary methodology, a team of experts in privacy and secure software development supplies application and infrastructural services to Governments and Critical National Infrastructures in order to minimize economic and reputational damages coming from cyber incidents attacking critical information systems.

We adopt a strategic approach in developing secure-by-design digital platforms, while granting the compliance to GDPR. Such approach includes:

  • Secure by Design Development, for security requirements’ detection, and secure software releases’ development and test.
  • Security Application Analysis, includes source code analysis, application vulnerabilities’ identification, architectures’ review and code remediation for existing software.
  • Security Monitoring, services for vulnerabilities exposure status control and application and infrastructural monitoring for data protection from unauthorized access.
  • Privacy Design, Privacy Governance system and infrastructures and applications upgrade design.
  • Privacy Implementation & Monitoring, implementing and continuous updating the new Privacy Governance system in terms of Privacy Impact Analysis, technological development and audit.


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