Cyber Incident Handling and Response Services
Minimizing the attacks in progress

Top cyber security experts to solve incidents.

A team of professionals, Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT), focused on cyber security incidents’ monitoring, containment and management, aim at minimize damages, through malware analysis, software-under-attack recovery and support to investigation.

Our highly qualified Incident Handlers are committed to monitor cyber attacks in progress and minimize their impact through innovative services and cutting-edge proprietary platforms AI-based.
Equipped by advanced AI decision support tools to be awarded about threats’ and incidents’ severity ranking and to be suggested about actions being implemented for incidents’ reaction, the CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team) is always ready to react. The support to Customers is enriched by competences and tools for global cyber security scenario analysis, new threats developed worldwide and the ability to compare context insights with customers’ cyber security peculiarities.



  • Incident Response, to identify the best cyber incidents’ management strategy through the definition of mitigation and recovery plans.
  • Malware Analysis, to evaluate samples of suspicious files defining a “reliability index” based on static and dynamic analysis.
  • Code Review, to detect and remediate software vulnerabilities both in application source code and within existing applications.
  • Digital Forensics, to identify, collect and acquire compromising evidences in digital devices related to cyber security incidents already occurred.
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