Technology and innovation matching transport’s security challenges

On-board and station entertainment
Securing station, tunnel, metro, bus and train

Enhance your travel experience

Transport authorities require complex solutions, where effectiveness, reliability, safety and security are crucial. Leonardo provides a technological platform supporting on-board safety and security, passenger experience, security at stations and in tunnels, communications on-board and along lines. The offer also includes the operational control centre and automation systems.

Metro & mass transit solutions

We offer a core platform to control metro environments through the integration and correlation of varied systems; innovative unit implementing services for voice and data, AVL, on-board security and passenger information broadcast, certified SCADA systems; reliable communications along lines.

“High Speed” Railway Solutions

Our railway sector offering includes multi-technology voice and data communications (Tetra, GSM-R,LTE), train control systems, on-board and on-ground, integrated security and entertainment for trains and stations, SCADA systems and control centre correlating varied systems data. 

Enjoy The Urban Transport

Optimised fleet management, situational awareness and increased bus security with real-time surveillance for advanced city transport: on-board systems, in-vehicle applications with an innovative unit for AVL, communication and security management, as well as a command and control platform.

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