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Technology partner for a safe & resilient city

In a time of great challenges, including a sustainable future, offering a better quality of life, and improved economic and social fabric in urban areas, resilience is vital if the attractiveness and competitiveness of a territory that is evolving and transforming itself is to be assured.

To be efficient and effective, urban risk management must be based on multi-factorial and multi-sector analyses, taking into account at the planning stage certain and possible interactions between harmful events. The same approach must be used during the intervention phase, in case the prevention is not enough to avoid the occurrence of the event. International, supranational, interregional and regional cooperation remains fundamental in supporting the efforts of national and local authorities, as well as of communities and businesses.

For Leonardo, "resilience" means building an innovative public-private partnership aimed at responding to the needs of the bodies with responsibility for governance in the field of prediction, prevention and risk management of critical material and immaterial infrastructures. This should be done through a collaborative and synergistic approach between industrial activities and territorial communities, as a direct contribution to the achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. As a provider and expert partner of 'country' systems deployed in the territory, Leonardo produces sensors, systems and solutions fully interoperable to make cities into organic and participatory systems, strengthened by full control of the network infrastructure, security of the information and communication.

Historically active in many areas related to safety and sustainability, Leonardo has been instrumental in many major city programmes including metropolitan info-mobility systems and management of the "Congestion charge", intermodal freight logistics, tracing of waste and dangerous goods, the "Stock Exchange" electricity for the optimisation of energy production and consumption, the secure communication systems for collaboration between law enforcement agencies and units dedicated to the protection of the territory, shared security, cyber security and digital platforms e-government.

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