I-PORT: integrated solutions for ports

Integrated Port Management
Port security and marine protection

Making "SMART" the port of the future

Port safety & security, maritime traffic management, cyber protection, secure communications,  operational platforms: with our integrated technologies we make ports increasingly global, competitive and interconnected, combining efficiency and security for the hub of the future.

Communications And Control Room

Our secure communications solutions allow a cooperative network between all involved subjects;  the SC2 platform is a new approach to security, integrating heterogeneous systems and ISPS procedures to improve situation awareness and resilience.

Ports, Marine Protection

Systems integration and solutions to design and implement a securer and more efficient port.
The VTMS (Vessel Traffic Management System) integrates all assets relevant to a safe and secure traffic management, SAR operations and marine environment protection.  

Secure Data Exchange

The PMIS (Port Management Information System) is an open electronic platform, single-window oriented, enabling intelligent, digital and secure data exchange and process management.
Advanced Cyber Security services and on premises solutions to protect IT systems, networks, ICS/SCADA in port.


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