Major Events
Turn-key integrated solutions for stadia and major events

Let’s all have a better event experience
Complete situational awareness

Rapid decision making

Leonardo operates as prime contractor and systems integrator with long-standing expertise in delivering turn-key solutions for stadia and major events. Our technological solutions, encompassing proprietary and third-party products, provide wider situational awareness to organisers, clubs, public authorities and law enforcement and emergency agencies for an effective decision-making process.  

Situational Awareness

Security solution and control rooms for early detection of accidental/malicious harm to people and goods in the cyber-physical space. An adaptable framework integrates a range of systems and sensors of different domains – physical security, professional communications, IT security and intelligence.

Reliable Communications

Our professional communications solutions support safety and security agencies in communicating in normal and critical situations, to enhance their cooperation with the CSP  platform.

Physical- Cyber Security

Advanced video analysis to detect, classify, recognise and count people and objects, including cars, trucks, motorcycles and animals. Advanced cyber security solutions guarantee information integrity, systems resilience and continuity information protection to prevent and investigate potential threats.  


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