Industrial Sector
Connecting and securing industrial processes to gain efficiency

Smart production and supply chain
Comprehensive cyber security for manufacturing plants

Operational control and visibility

Leonardo delivers advanced solutions based on Industry 4.0 technological paradigm, allowing us to organise and automatically manage the business by collecting and analysing big data. Being secure-by-design, our platforms control and connect production and supply chain processes, and include machine learning algorithms to predict faults and cyber threats that could interrupt plants’ continuity.

Critical industries’ resilience

Secure Connected Factory

Our platform enables critical industries’ paths towards Industry 4.0, integrating advanced applications and technologies, providing real-time monitoring of strategic information, control of processes and assets, predictive analysis to increase efficiency and reduced development time and costs.

Industrial Cyber Security

Our industrial cyber security team provides IT-OT facilities with end-to-end control and visibility of business process security. Using threat modelling analysis and AI-driven awareness methodologies and tools, we can predict new cyber and physical risks affecting operational continuity or performance.

Plant Energy Management

A flexible, cloud-based system for energetic behavioural analysis to enable industrial plants to control and optimise energy efficiency, integrating real-time monitoring tools for energy consumption and advanced costs simulation.  

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