Government & Defence
Digital security solutions for government and defence

NATO’s Global Cyber Defence Mission Partner
Italian Public Sector’s Trusted Partner for Cyber Security

Securing the Cyberspace

Nowadays institutions must protect, together with land, sea, sky and space, the Fifth Domain. The protection of cyber space is the current challenge for country ecosystems. Through cutting-edge technologies, competencies and solutions, Leonardo enhances the digital resilience of the government and defence sectors, supporting their secure digital transformation paths.

Enhance national resilience

Digital Agenda Solutions

We partner national and European organisations in digital transformation through secure-by-design and privacy-by-design service platforms and eGovernment applications. We address digital agenda topics aimed at connecting institutions with enterprises and citizens, to enable their inclusive relationships.

Cyber Defence

We partner defence operators monitoring critical infrastructures’ security, predicting threats and containing incidents. We train national defence forces – through cyber defence programmes – to respond effectively to cyber-attacks, while we also support the digitisation of core defence processes.

Technologies and competences

We have developed cutting-edge competencies and valuable experiences in cyber security, intelligence and digital transformation applied to government and defence, leveraging our process-oriented specialists and mastering the latest technologies including advanced analytics and artificial intelligence.

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