Energy and utilities
Integrated security solutions for energy & plant protection

Critical Infrastructure Protection
Secure IoT 4.0

Where security is a must

Leonardo supports the regular execution of business processes by supplying multi-dimensional physical and cyber security solutions. We provide comprehensive solutions that include physical and digital  protection and surveillance , together with effective and reliable communications  and process automation support. 

Energy & Plant Protection

From detection to response, our solutions allow early threat identification, mitigation and counteraction, by coordinating various assets and technologies:  These include multi-sensors integration, perimeter protection, access control and communications integration.

Secure IOT 4.0

End-to-end control and visibility of the performance and security of business processes, whilst enabling AI machine learning tools to predict faults, cyber and physical new threats that may impact the continuity of the operations or lower the overall performance.

Automation & Communications

Proven system integration capabilities allow us to design and deliver efficient automation system engineering solutions. We also deliver fully integrated reliable and robust communications solutions, designed to operate in extreme and hazardous environments.

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