Coast & Border protection system

Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) Security
Border Security for civil applications

Integrated surveillance for EEZ and border control

24/7, all-weather operations of surveillance and protection of seas and borders against illegal activities, requires maritime patrol aircraft and UAS, multi sensor systems, communication networks, people, goods and vehicle identification systems, control and management centres, all of which are part of our range of products.

EEZ Security & Protection Systems

We provide enhanced situational awareness with advanced sensor data fusion, using our sensors or integrating existing systems, and delivering increased efficiency cutting response time through secure, flexible, cyber protected systems. 

Border Control And Management

Border Management for civil solutions include: mobile or fixed automated border check points and crossing points (including self-service kiosks) for the (biometrical) identification and recognition or enrolment of transit people with or without their own access travel documentation at all ports of entry, whether air, land, or sea.

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