TETRA Elettrasuite Adaptanet

Secure, reliable communications. Everywhere

The ElettraSuite Adaptanet® IP represents the company’s latest TETRA solution designed to cover a wide range of system dimensions ranging from single site systems to regional and national networks for mission and business critical applications.

Full IP connectivity and the ability to use existing LAN infrastructures as backbone support integration with existing systems, enabling customers to benefit from further cost savings.

Thanks to the separation between control plane and user plane, ElettraSuite Adaptanet® IP allows the deployment of IP networks and supports customers in their choice between small-medium networks up to national architecture.

ElettraSuite Adaptanet® IP provides end-users with high performance and secure encrypted

communications, providing essential core services for voice and data calls as well as a comprehensive range of supplementary and enhanced services.

ElettraSuite Adaptanet® IP takes advantage of the proprietary CSP Platform (Communications Service Platform),  that allows the integration and flexible deployment of several functional elements together with the support of multi-technology networks, as follows:


  • Core network – CSP: multi-technology platform that provides voice and data professional communications together with control room applications..
  • Control room support: CSP ecosystem includes innovative components to completely support integrated and cooperating operation for control rooms..
  • Base Station Node: fast deployable, plug & play equipment for a capillary radio coverage; dual mode BS operating with a TDM Switch or an IP Call Manager.
  • PUMA T4 and VS4000: new concept of modular handheld radio and mobile units, combining reliable and secure communications with value added services.
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