CSP ecosystem - Communication Service Platform

The bridge towards innovation

CSP ecosystem is a unified, integrated communications platform providing professional, public safety services across a wide range of technologies including TETRA, DMR, LTE and Wi-Fi. CSP is the base of a multi-technology complete ecosystem also including control room applications. 

CSP ecosystem is aimed to provide professional users with integrated network and services across heterogeneous technologies and bring in professional broadband environment the same level of functionalities, services and reliability supplied by narrowband technologies. 

CSP is built on a full IP environment and interacts in a direct way with native IP technologies. Suitable gateways are foreseen for non IP technologies such as previous generation TDM TETRA or analogue networks.

The suite is composed of:

  • Communication Manager (CM) provides unified and integrated communications services to its subscribers independently from the adopted access network technology.
  • Service Management Node (SMN) is the repository for the profiles of all subscribers and groups of the CSP network.
  • Control Room IP Server (CRIS Provides CSP networks with facilities to support third parties Control Room services via programming interfaces (API).
  • Gateway IP (GW): provides gateway services to the subscribers connecting the CSP platform with external networks also of different technologies.
  • Automatic Localization System (ALS) is used to track mobile assets such as vehicles and people inside the CSP network.
  • Dispatcher Station (DS) allows operators  to interact with the CSP core network communications with a modern graphical interface.
  • Recorder Server (REC) is a network element that processes, manages and stores all voice communications within a CSP network..
  • Enterprise Voice Call Manager (VoCM) realizes a complete VoIP infrastructure for enterprise networks and control rooms.
  • Mission Critical Control Room (MCCR) the enhanced generation of dispatch
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