RaCE: communications on the right rail

RaCE solutions meet the requirements of onboard GSM-R voice and data ground-to-train radio communications. Developed in accordance to EIRENE/MORANE standard features for vehicular radio modules and compliance with all environmental safety requests.

The GSM-R CAB Radio Systems provides the features of an advanced GSM-R telephone, with all the special railway functions: Advanced SpeechCall Items (ASCI) phase 2+, Emergency Call, eMLPP priority features and Functional Numbering.

The Railway Communication Equipment also offers data transmission and shunting operations; it is possible to use a Local Maintenance Tool (LMT) to configure Software Download and diagnostics operations.

The highly flexible Railway Communication Equipment design allows a wide range of customized applications, to meet many different railway operators’ needs as integration to the train bus MVB or TCN for services like Driver Safety Device (DSD) or real time positioning and diagnostics.

Software updating through a data port enables easy evolution and integration of future EIRENE/MORANE requirements. CAB is the smartest answer to the railway needs of reliable and cost effective ground-to train communication.

The RaCe suite is composed of:

  • E-RaCE2-RAILWAY COMMUNICATION EQUIPMENT: innovative solution for all GSM-R features providing voice and data transmission for on board applications.
  • E-GSC2 - ETCS DATA ONLY RADIO: designed for vital data signalling transmission applications and for providing redundancy.
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