No environment is critical for our communications

ECOS-D is our smart radio network system based on state-of-the-art DMR technologies, with high availability and performance in the most critical environments. Multi-mode solutions fully compliant with the new ETSI DMR standards.

All professional sectors together with defense and public safety users are looking to digital radio

technology with raising interest. For the industry sector, for example, where mining and oil & gas companies can benefit from instant and clear communications, the digital radio technology is crucial to maintain safety and increase productivity.

Our DMR solutions are characterized by a high degree of scalability and flexibility that allows

selecting the configuration that best matches the Customer’s requirements.

The ECOS-D family is composed of the following products:

  • RBS4000: modular voice and data Radio Base Stations able to support analogue FM, digital DMR conventional Tier II and digital DMR trunking Tier III and simulcast.
  • RGW4000: modular voice and data Gateway with embedded Radio Base Station functionalities, designed to meet and exceed the requirements of PMR systems.
  • SINETIC (SImulcast NETwork Information Controller): software application that allows to remotely manage and supervise ECOS-D networks.
  • TERMINALS: rugged, easy to use, mobile and handheld versions, support of analogue, DMR Tier II and Tier III, GPS receiver, clear and loud audio.
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