Fleet management for a reliable and well planned public transport

Enhancing the travel experience

Our Fleet Management is designed to manage vehicles of a public transport network in a simple and effective way, providing the operator with powerful and clear representations of the service, together with highly effective tools for operations centres, on-board systems, depots management.

One of the main goals of public transport network operators is to provide passengers with a reliable and well planned service offering a travel experience becoming a valid alternative to private means of transportation.

The key element to ensure the accomplishment of this goal is the support of a fleet management platform offering an easy supervision and regulation of the service, optimized management of the vehicle fleets, correct scheduling of route timetables and the provision of clear information to the users.

Our fleet management suite is designed to manage a surface fleet based public transport network in a simple and effective manner and is built on a distributed, flexible and robust architecture, based on the following main components:

  • Operations Centre, where our central platform collects data from vehicles and depots and monitors the service in real-time, detecting delays with respect to timetables, checking the operative status of all the fleet and providing operators with powerful tools for regulating the service.
  • Depots, in which massive service data exchange between central system and vehicles takes place.

The platform communicates with the devices on board the vehicles and in particular with our On Board Unit, the powerful intelligent unit that manages the service, communicating with the Operations Center via voice and data and with onboard devices, acquiring data from sensors, cameras, GPS, and other in-vehicle devices.

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