The new intelligence on board of the public transport

On Board Unit, the power of Intelligence

Our new On-Board Unit (OBU) is a versatile platform to provide the intelligence to public transport interfacing on board devices, managing information, communicating with the Operation Centre. Trough specific add-ons and standard compliancy, it becomes the new frontier for  bus, trams, metro-tramways and rails.

Our new OBU is a very advanced integration platform for in-vehicle applications. It is characterized by a wide range of built-in devices and communication interfaces that makes it a very adaptable system able to offer a lot of features in a very small and light package.

An integrated GPS receiver to provide accurate measurement of the vehicle position; up to 2 data GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSxPA and GPRS voice modems available to communicate with the Operations Centre by voice call or data transmission; up to 12 Ethernet Interface 10/100Mb/s Standard 802.3af (up to 8 POE); 4 configurable RS-232/RS-485/RS-422 ports for connection to external devices, Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n for wireless devices integration are only some of the enabling and matchless characteristics of our unit.

Due to the rich assortment of its communication interfaces and its onboard add-ons, OBU can interface many onboard devices of different models, passenger informative systems, internal and external panels, loudspeakers for vocal announces, ticket validators, CCTV cameras and video surveillance (including encoding, streaming and recording), passenger counting systems, CAN bus devices for collecting onboard diagnostic information.

Our innovative OBU is certified and is compliant to all the relevant standards to be used for bus, trams, metro-tramways and rails. In particular,  three main models are available:

  • OBU for road in-vehicle applications (automotive standards compliancy),
  • OBU for in-train applications (hardware compatibility with 110Vdc and rail standards compliancy),
  • Driver Terminal with a 7“ color touch-screen display suitable for easy mounting on the dashboard at the driving position and specifically designed for assuring an easy and effective interaction between the driver and the Operations Centre in combination with OBU or as a low-cost standalone onboard command unit.
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