GRS SCADA: The power of control

Beyond a basic SCADA

Our GRS® SCADA platform is based on a distributed architecture allowing data collection from different equipment and systems geographically distributed on a wide area. It has been designed to provide not only supervision and control but also specialist application functions in several fields including transportation, oli&gas and energy.

GRS® is a complete suite to provide standard and/or custom solution for process control or plant automation; it includes all the tools (engineering, maintenance, training and simulation) needed for developing and deploying a complete complex SCADA system.

Typical architecture is composed by Operator Consoles to monitor and control the plant; communication, application and historical servers to process and archive data; Remote Devices to locally control and collect data from the field. All these components can be linked together by means of heterogeneous communications infrastructures.

Beyond the basic SCADA functionalities GRS® provides some unique capabilities:

  • Extreme scalability (from single node applications up to very large and complex systems with more than one million tags)
  • Possibility to customize protocols and control applications via SDK,
  • Graphical programming to create complex command anc control procedures
  • High availability features (embedded health checks, redundancies)
  • Integrated security on supervisory controls
  • Sophisticated alarm filtering and management
  • Integrated training and simulation environment with playback functions
  • SCADA Cybersecurity Ready
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